Eye Care

Professional Eye Exams

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Bense Optical & Optometry specializes in comprehensive general eye exams. Our optometrists will conduct a thorough exam checking for complete eye health, and making recommendations based on the findings of the exam. We pride ourselves in having state of the art equipment, technology, and training to provide all members of your family with the the best eye care available in St. John’s.

We now offer Pediatric eye exams for children aged 6 months and older.
The general rule of thumb is to have an eye exam by 6 months old, annually until the age of 18, every 2 years from 18 until the age of 60, followed by annual exams again once you reach 60.

Call 709-754-1250 to book your eye exam now. No referral necessary.

Accredited Dry Eye Center

TearLab Dry Eye Center Accreditation

Bense Optical & Optometry is the only TearLab accredited dry eye center in Newfoundland. We treat many different causes of dry eye disease, which is one of the most common eye diseases. Our staff are always available to patients to answer any questions you may have about this or any other eye condition.

Call us at 754-1250 to book a dry eye assessment now or visit tearlab.com for more information.

Low Vision Exams

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Often, glasses just don’t cut it for many patients and we need supplementary magnifiers and tools in order to help us see. Here at Bense Optical & Optometry we perform low vision exams for patients with any eye condition or disease.

If you or a family member is unhappy with their vision call 709-754-1250 and book a low vision exam now.