Vision Supplements

Vision Supplements by Vitalux, MacuHealth and Systane

Optometrists know the importance of eye supplements. Not everyone is required to take supplements but many of us with either an eye disease or a family history of eye disease will benefit greatly, if taking the correct supplement.

At Bense Optical & Optometry, we sell the complete line of Vitalux, MacuHealth, Systane and Therapearl products. During your eye exam at Bense Optical, you will be advised on what supplements to take as well as certain foods, exercise, and sun protection to benefit you and your eye health.

In addition to supplements, we offer other products such as omega 3 pills, artificial tears, preservative free tears, gel drops, gel, make-up remover pads and lid cleaner pads.

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*All products we carry are sold as close to our cost as possible and therefore much cheaper than in other stores.